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Sitting at the Park

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Thoughts while sitting in Atatürk Park:

  • Finished The Yogurt Man Cometh by Kevin Revolinski today. It’s one of two travel memoirs the commission gave us at orientation and I heard a lot of negative comments about it. I really enjoyed it, however, and he captures what it’s like to live and teach in Turkey really well. Check it out.
  • I know I’m supposed to be open-minded and keep a certain amount of cultural relativism handy (and I think I have been pretty good with this), but I will never understand why someone would jog in blue jean cargo shorts.
  • These nine months are the best opportunity for me to really learn a foreign language, so I really need to dive in and do it. After the Bayram holiday, I’m going to try and find a class or a group to practice with. 
  • This park must be one of the most romantic places in Antalya. It’s at least one of the most picturesque. There’s at least one couple (usually more) getting wedding pictures done every time I’ve walked through. Also, fun fact: brides and grooms apparently get their photos done before the wedding. So no waiting around like American weddings. Genius.
  • I was craving brewed coffee, so I sold my soul and went into Starbucks. My name was spelled “Avri” and the coffee was gas station quality and super harsh on the stomach. I learned my lesson and will be sticking with çay.

Though I probably should have traveled during this week off, I thoroughly enjoyed my time alone in the city. I was able to explore my adopted home and find some more of what Antalya has to offer (including waterfalls and a museum featuring Atatürk’s pajamas). Beginning next weekend, however, I will be off to see more of Turkey. 



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